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Spray Booth/Spray System Installation

Spray booths offer controlled environments for finish, paint or powder coating applications. Applied in the automobile industry, spray booths offer the environment needed to spray vehicles as they approach the final stages of production.


Finishing of industrial surfaces, commercial and home appliances, bathtubs and scaffolds also take place in spray booths. Application of finishing materials or paint is done either automatically or manually. This depends on the spray booth design and operation style.

Filtration, spray application mode, air flow and proper temperature are important spray booth features. Successful spray booth production also depends on its proper decontamination and waste disposal because various chemicals with hazardous risks are used during spraying.

When in use, it’s important for spray booths to have the right temperature range for effective paint or powder coat applications. With proper airflow, spray booths are ventilated to allow flow of excess particles from the spraying chamber for even coat applications on surfaces being finished.

The three most common types of spray booths facilitate custom, batch and conveyor line finishing. Booth coatings, lighting options, spray guns, personnel suits free from contaminants and filters make up some of the accessories used in spray booths.

Depending on the manufacturer, spray booth filters should be replaced regularly because of the manner in which the booths operate. Spray guns can either be built-in or hand-held with need for regular maintenance.  Whereas built-in spray guns work at rapid speeds, hand-held variances access a wider range of components to be sprayed.

Specialized hand-held spray guns powered with air compressors are used in high-end auto body restoration shops to attain top-quality finishes. However, robotic spray booth systems are used by auto manufacturers to handle one panel or component at any given time.

Spray booth enable efficient and fast auto painting or finishing without any complications such as overspray.

Benefits of Spray Booths

Spray booths are used in three workflow areas apart from auto painting as follows:

  • Prevention of Explosions

Workplace environments feature explosive and fire hazard chemicals. Since these chemicals can easily result in explosions or fires in the workplace, spray booths are used during their applications to prevent overspray. Therefore, spray booths minimize workplace air contamination with the chemicals hence reduced likelihood of combustion.

  • Control of Hazardous Material

Spray booths also protect workplace environments from hazardous materials by confining sprays within the systems. Therefore, employees have access to safe, odor-free air within their work environments. Meanwhile, filters are responsible for ensuring the air within spray booths is clean.

  • Clean Environment for Painting

Debris such as dust and dirt particles can easily ruin freshly finished or painted wet surfaces. However, modern spray booths are designed with powerful filters and in protective designs to remove contaminants from the air. This ensures painting is done in contaminant-free environments.

Custom spray booths can be designed and developed as per user specifications.


We install and service various spray booth brands as follows:

  • ITW Vortec (Spray Nozzles)
  • Carolina-Virginia
  • Chemco (Filters and Flame Retardant Spray Booth Liner Paper)
  • Spray Systems (Spray Nozzles)

Our Customers

We serve a range of customers in manufacturing businesses with the need for product painting such as the automobile industry.

What Makes Our Spray Booth Installation Services Unique

Our industrial paint booth installation services are unique from the competition because we offer full service, including repair, modification and replacement of industrial spray booths. We also sell parts in-house such as filters, making IMS a one-stop-solution for all your industrial paint booth needs. Moreover, we’ve got extensively experienced spray booth installers.

With product familiarity and many years of experience, we understand spray booths and systems. We have a great background installing and servicing spray booth equipment. We’re experienced with painting booth systems. We know which spray booth types to use for which applications.

Moreover, spray booths and spray systems go hand-in-hand with the other products that we sell, install, troubleshoot, and repair.

Why the Need for Our Spray Booth Installation Services

When a spray booth breaks, the manufacturing facility is unable to paint products. This halts production, costing the facility a substantial amount of money due to lost production. We come in to help get spray booths up and running.

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Why Our Spray Booth Installation Services are Trusted

We know the OSHA rules and regulations, ensuring that our services don’t just meet, but surpass them for the best outcomes. All our work is fully tested and all installations will pass local and national codes. We’re also a general contractor, licensed in Tennessee to service industrial machinery. This ensures that our work is held to a higher standard than our non-contractor competition.

What’s more, we’ve installed a lot of spray booths in different industries where our customers make use of paints or powder coats to give products finishing touches.

We install, repair, and troubleshoot this equipment.  This gives us a deep understanding of the equipment’s configurations and capabilities. All our industrial paint spray booth installations, repairs, modifications or replacement services are tested to ensure they meet factory specifications and industry standards before we leave a job.

We have more than 60 years of combined experience working on production line machinery. This has earned us a good reputation as a trustworthy company. We’re also cost-effective and it’s our desire to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Moreover, many of our customers have been working with us since IMS was originally started in 1994. We believe this is a testament to the quality and dependability of the service that we provide. This has seen our customers return for the same services, giving us repeat business.

The experience, customer loyalty and our ability to install booths for painting that meet the facility’s unique finishing requirements make IMS a trustworthy brand.

Why Choose Us

This service is unique from the competition because we offer unmatched timely painting booth installations, repairs, modifications and replacement services accompanied with exceptional customer service and after-services.  It’s our quality services, industry experience worth decades, an experienced team of spray booth system experts and a pool of state-of-the-art modern equipment, machinery and parts that set us apart from our competition.

We can partner and work together long-term to ensure that your booth for painting work effectively, and in case of damages, get the wrecked or worn out components replaced as soon as possible, or get your new plant’s paint spray booth installations done as per your specifications. We assure you of quality services to meet your needs and great outcomes to keep you happy. After all, your happiness is our happiness and so is your success.

As such, your needs and happiness comes first. Therefore, we do what’s within our powers to provide booth painting solutions tailored to meet your unique needs. We are here for you.

Are you looking for “paint sprayer repair shop near me?”  There is no need to look any further!

We offer full service, including troubleshooting, repair, installation, replacement and modification of your spray booths. We do paint booth installations in-house, so we’re truly a one-stop-shop for all your product finishing needs.

We are your local paint booth installers. We offer spray booth installation, repair and troubleshooting or replacement in nearby areas.

Call IMS today to talk to our paint spray system installers or discuss your paint booth installation cost.

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