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Electrical Control Panels

Our company always aims to help you with your industrial needs-may it be for repair, renovation, or construction purposes. Our engineers and professional personnel will provide you with the best information that you may need; especially when it comes to electrical control panels.


What are electrical control panels?

Electrical control panels are assemblies enclosing the specified:

  • Electrical power components
  • Control components
  • Operator devices

These control panels are sealed off in a specified electrical enclosure. They are always designed to serve a specified purpose.

Electrical control panels are used in a wide variety and range for every industry and each trade and customer has their preferences so it’s difficult to describe all of the possible patterns because there are so many variables to consider. Most of the control panels are mostly found in factories to monitor and control machines or production lines and in places such as:

  • Ships
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Mainframe computers
  • Aircraft

Nowadays, in most cases, control panels are already equipped with touchscreens compared with the older control panels which are commonly made up with push buttons and analog instruments.

Electrical Control Panel Assembler

The duties and responsibilities of an electrical control panel assembler are not easy at all considering the number of switches that an electrical control cabinet contains. Here are some of the entailed duties:

  • Most of the time, their work requires minimal supervision once work assignments are given and explained.
  • Assemble electrical control panels. Installation of a wide variety of electronic and electro-mechanical components (of a non – repetitive nature). They often work from schematics, bills of material, handwritten notes as well as written and verbal instructions. They may have to determine the method and sequence of assembly operations too. Utilize small hand tools such as:
    • Wire strippers
    • Crimpers
    • Wrenches
    • Screwdrivers
    • Pliers
    • Soldering irons
  • They should be able to read blueprints, drawings, electrical schematics and wiring diagrams.  The use of good judgment plays an important role when dimensions or tolerances seem inconsistent or unworkable.
  • Perform necessary hand operations such as sawing, grinding, and drilling. Being able to operate lift trucks and hand pallet jacks to move material within the plant are also a need. Even keeping simple records are also needed.
  • They usually mark up drawings and bills of material to document the final product.

Our Brands

There are a lot of electrical control panel manufacturers around the globe which may offer you varied qualities of the product. There are multiple leading brands as well. Below are some of the world’s largest brands that are inclusive in our package upon creating custom electrical control panels:

  • Allen Bradley
  • Siemens
  • Cutler Hammer
  • Schneider
  • G.E.

If you prefer a customized design, then we are the real deal for you. We fulfill custom projects aside from working with the famous brands mentioned above which require engineering expertise from the preliminary design to the final production which we can assure you, we can provide.

Electrical control panel builders should follow specific rules and guidelines most especially in installation process because we are talking about electricity – the very close friend to disaster if not properly installed. These safety measures are tight in implementing the rules with our employees. Safety comes first. Below are some of the industrial control supports that we provide:

  • Troubleshooting
  • On-site commissioning
  • System maintenance: preventative and emergency
  • Testing and start-up
  • Installation and maintenance
  • Field services
  • System retrofitting

To switch on such high undercurrents is not an easy task and this is where contractors come into play. These are high current usually open relays with defense against arcs and designed for specific applications.  Most often there is also a situation that arises when an operator needs to turn on or off a piece of the device which presents a high load on the electrical circuit. Some examples could include industrial lathe machines, big pool pumps, or heavy hangar automatic doors.

Whenever you will have to switch on and off heavy loads, you will always need to use contractors. They are also often found in computerization systems, which offer the possibility to safety control a piece of equipment from remote situations or from devices that normally could not carry such high current.

The Electrical control panel fabrication we provide is truly exceptional. We have capabilities to fabricate, engineer and design a solution that is specifically personalized to your procedures or control system requirements. Custom control panels can be built in accordance with your specific scheme, or we can also facilitate the design of your panel assembly.

We have unique service in comparison to the market because:

  • We work on all brands
  • We’re competitively priced
  • We have extensive experience
  • We can build custom Electrical Control Panels, based on the customer’s specifications.

Each panel that we make is verified to the fullest possible level by a degreed technician. These procedures make installation and mechanical support quicker and easier. Many of our clienteles find it advantageous to buy their panels assembled and tested from us instead of building their own. In this very competitive era, it is becoming more important than to cut operating costs.

Manufacturers of electrical control panels are trusted by the customers for the service they offer which we truly give. We earn the trust of our customers and we accommodate them with the best possible way there is.

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