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Aluminum Piping

Aluminum piping has turned out to be a solid alternative in terms of piping materials especially or compressed air systems. When you compare it to other materials, installation of a compressed air system via aluminum piping offers a lot of advantages.



Aluminum piping is much easier when it comes to installation and modification compared to copper or steel pipe systems. You can even achieve saving of 50% in terms of labor because aluminum pipe is already supplied read for utilization. There is no particular preparation required beyond deburring, cutting and chamfering. There is also no need for special tools to get the job done. Aluminum pipe installation is easier because the pipe is already calibrated and its diameter is controlled in a strict manner. This means that quick connect components will fit in securely ad that each and every connection gets secured automatically.

Aluminum pipes are lighter compared to copper pipes or steel pipes. This results in less expenses in terms of modification and installation. Another great reason why aluminum pipe installation is easier to modify and install is that it does not require any soldering or threading at all. Another beneficial effect of using aluminum pipe installation is that the compressed air that it provides is much cleaner compared to air from a steel pipe installation. With aluminum pipe systems, the air quality standards can be meet. Having cleaner air results to lower maintenance costs.

There is also an effect on system leaks when using aluminum piping systems. Due to it having no threaded connection, there is less risks for leaks. There has been an estimated 8-10% of compressed air that will leak via threaded connections. This would result to compressors needing to run longer and harder, affecting utility costs to move up.

Corrosion is also another strong point for using aluminum pipes instead of steel pipes. Steel pipes contain moisture inside that causes rusting of pipes from inside out. Having a moisture trap does not guarantee 100% no moisture in the system. Thus, corrosion will definitely still occur. Galvanized steel pipes also corrode because not all of them are fully galvanized inside out.

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What Makes Our Aluminum Piping Services Unique

We have a vast knowledge of air products, all the way from the air compressor up to the end-use. Our professionals are highly skilled and have decades of experience. We guarantee you that we are a credible industrial aluminum pipe installer that has been on the local scene for decades. We even offer custom aluminum piping for your custom needs whether you have a small area or a huge facility. You can expect that we will deliver exceptional service.

Our highly-trained personnel are well-versed in different types of industries and their expertise in the field of piping systems make them stand out from the rest of the competition. When you choose us, we guarantee you that you won’t have to worry about anything. We make sure that we work on each and every detail and also study the whole situation of a certain facility. We provide service with high standards that’s why clients keep on choosing us over and over again through the years. We understand the importance of a clean and effective piping system and we always aim to provide you the best that you truly deserve.

Why the Need for Aluminum Piping

Companies require compressed air to run somewhere within a facility. Aluminum piping is an incredible option because it does not corrode unlike carbon steel. It also delivers air with such a high dree of cleanliness. The cost-effective factor of aluminum piping also makes it stand out from the rest. A much easier installation and modification process can be expected from aluminum piping systems.

Aluminum piping can heed the need of companies who want an effective and clean piping system without having to shred a lot of money on expenses. If you require a piping system that can fit your small budget then it would be best to utilize aluminum pipe installation.

Why Our Aluminum Piping Service is Trusted

With a combined experience of 60 years on our belt, we’ve offered the highest quality of aluminum piping services through the years. Our satisfied clients have been with us for decades which proves that our service comes with legitimate quality and dependability. IMS originally started back in 1994 and has been providing a wide variety of services including building alterations. We take pride in our personnel who follow higher standards for better customer satisfaction. Our IMS employees are guaranteed to be well-trained, experienced, and dependable. Each and every person on our staff is drug-tested and we are among the Tennessee Drug Free Task Force. We realize the importance of offering the best service by having our best foot forward through our ever-reliable personnel. We take pride in our work so you can expect service with the highest standards.

We follow the strictest of rules in terms of safety regulations. Thus, during the whole aluminum piping process, we ensure that everything turns out well from start to finish. We take pride in providing service with safety and quality as our main priorities. Especially when it comes to structural improvements, the need for high safety standards is a top priority.

You can trust us to provide the best service possible and you having nothing to worry about. Your success is our success so we try out best to showcase the best service through our professional work ethic.

Why Choose Us

Our expertise and decades of experience in the industry differentiates us from the competition. Along with our state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, we ensure the highest quality of service. We take pride in keeping our customers satisfied and choosing us over and over again for their aluminum piping needs. We value each and every client’s happiness and success.

Your satisfaction is our top priority that is why we do everything we can to provide the best aluminum piping services tailored to meet your unique needs.

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