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Hydraulic Power Unit Repair

We have extensive experience and knowledge servicing Hydraulic power units and have enough experience in repairing hydraulic power units and trusted by large HPU brands to carry their repair services. We actually build custom hydraulic power units as well, so we know them inside out. In addition, our in-house supply ensures you do not have to wait for us to order parts from another retailer. This will have your equipment run at best possible time or even in no time!


Repair or Refurbish

We primarily perform repairs on industrial hydraulics power units.  Although there are many applications for mobile hydraulics as well (like garbage trucks,) we don’t really work on mobile hydraulics because for this type of work, it needs steadiness and focus.

Below are some of the large brand names we do our services to:

  • Bosch
  • Rexroth
  • Parker
  • Continental
  • Vickers

Other than the large brand names of hydraulic power units, we also provide service and repair all custom hydraulic power units (which account for roughly 75% of the market). We assure to give the life back to your equipment, regardless of condition, age, and size. Refurbishment involves sandblasting the reservoir, replacing and updating components, and testing.

It is an opportunity to ensure those good design principles are in place to deliver many years of successful operation. HPUs are not just any machine that you get to see daily on a normal basis. Considering all the things it could do, owners must be very particular in its life and limitations.

Industrial hydraulic power unit repair should be at its finest for a super machine that does extreme works. We are also best placed to offer turnkey solutions which could ominously reduce your carbon footprint and overhead costs.

In some situations replacing a power unit makes more sense than extensively refurbishing it. In other situations, a customer may need to replace an older unit that is part of a fleet of identical systems. In either scenario, we can replicate an existing power unit or design a new unit to satisfy a customer’s requirements.

Our hydraulic services are capable of advising which modifications on existing hydraulic equipment are required to meet the criteria. The meeting of these criteria would enable any costs associated with the modifications to your hydraulic pump systems to be paid for its worth and value thus keeping your capital expenditure to an absolute minimum.

Our Customers

Customers are likely to call for hydraulic power unit repair if their hydraulic power unit is down, not working, running slow, running hot, leaking, or experiencing any other problem.  Problems like these hurt or stop the production of a facility, so we understand the importance of getting them fixed fast.

But all you have to do is press some few buttons to restore your equipment. You can reach us thru IMS by telephone.

And it is a guarantee that:

  • All repairs are tested to ensure they meet factory specifications before we leave the job.
  • 60+ years of combined experience working on production line machinery.
  • Many of our customers have been working with us since IMS originally opened in 1994. We believe this is a testament to the quality and dependability of the service that we provide.

Why Choose Us

This service is unique from the competition because we offer service far different from others that could offer. Our technicians undergo extensive and rigorous training to meet the demands of our clients we also have a wide array of equipment and high-end parts to better improve our repair capabilities. This sets us apart from our competitors.

The applications of our services are numerous, such as the storage gas, building, the alimentary sector, alternative energy (solar, hydro), machine tools (profiling, bending), a workstation for teaching and testing. We build hydraulic power units according to customer provisions or on our project.

The high professionalism of the technical staff and the direct relationship with the mother – house of the individual components supplier, allows this company to meet every single request in a short time, while also providing all the support and advice needed to find the solution to the problem.

We are continuously improving our services, along with repair services, maintenance, and troubleshooting. We also offer parts supply if your machines need replacement parts. This makes us a great one stop shop for your convenience.

While you can see that those hydraulic power units in use on an everyday basis and is of very great help, most especially in Manufacturing and Industrial sector, it is inevitable that these machines would die down. It would be very hassled knowing all the parts and components of this equipment. But leave your worries behind because this is where you will need the Hydraulic Power Pack Repair that our company can offer.

Hydraulic Power Unit Repair

HPUs are comprised of a motor, a hydraulic pump, and a reservoir. These units are capable of generating a huge amount of power to drive almost any type of hydraulic ram. They are found on construction sites in machines such as excavators, bulldozers and even skid steers. Each of these machines performs a task that is dependent upon the power produced by hydraulic power units. Anything that requires powerful and directional force used repeatedly, any work that requires massive lifting is suited to the HPUs.

HPUs do a lot of wide range of applications that you can’t imagine. Some of it are as follows:

  • Government/Military
  • Paper Mill Machinery
  • Machine Tools                    
  • Aerospace Test Equipment
  • Automation
  • Construction Equipment
  • Material Handling
  • Mobile Equipment
  • Rolling Mill Machinery
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Oil Field

All main skid structural components are coated with a three-part marine epoxy paint system for added harsh environment protection. In addition, the HPU is supplied with all required suction strainers, block – and – bleed valves, downstream check valves, relief valves, and pulsation dampeners to operate the unit.

Another industry that relies on hydraulic power units is that of the fishing industry. They are used to lift the heavy nets and pots. You may have also seen a hydraulic machine in use at your local car mechanic’s garage. They can be used to lift up cars to take a good look at them underneath and even walk around below them.

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