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Have you got diaphragm pump problems? Or maybe you’ve got assembly line balancing problems. These could be production line problems or even manufacturing plant problems.


Who are you going to call if your diaphragm pump mechanism is failing? We can help you with all of your assembly line issues. We understand line balancing methods and assembly line balancing methods. We help all maintenance planners, maintenance technicians, plant managers, industrial plant owners, maintenance managers, maintenance supervisors, and even purchasing agents.


We troubleshoot your production lines, because we know that delays can cost you thousands of dollars and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. And we take care of diaphragm pumps, because we know that pharmaceutical companies, food processors, the automotive industry, logistics, and general manufacturing can all experience problems with diaphragm pumps which are leaking, slow, clogged, or just plain not working. Call us because we know that diaphragm pumps often handle more solids and contaminants than other pumps, such as centrifugal pumps. We can troubleshoot such well-known brands as ARO, and Sandpiper.


And we can also troubleshoot your Allen Bradley PLC programmable relay controller. We know that when an Allen Bradley PLC stops working, the entire machine – production line – goes down or the timing of the machine begins to miscalculate. It could be burned outputs, or maybe the PLC needs additional inputs or outputs. The PLC’s program might require modifications. Or it just might need an upgrade. Our highly trained staff can take care of your PLC’s issues and get you back in production fast; because we know your downtime is costing you big money.


The ideal combination of our service and supply divisions gives us the ability to fully serve the industrial manufacturing sector when it comes to builds, fabrication and more. With over 100 years of combined experience … your business is our business.


We can also perform all styrofoam densifier equipment troubleshooting on such items as EPS Densifiers, Cardboard Baler Maintenance Service, and Sort Systems. Our skilled technicians understand where the problems are most likely to be, and how to fix them quickly so that you can get back up and running.


We Do More than Just Troubleshoot

At IMS Memphis we go beyond industrial manufacturing machine troubleshooting. One of our many services is installations. We can install:


And we also offer repair services, for items such as:


We even offer build services, for electrical control panel builders, controls and control panels, and pneumatic control panels.

And we can take care of machine shop services, for tasks like CNC machining service, sheet metal fabrication, and specialized welding services.

We can even offer your company general contracting services. Our other services include steam piping, plant maintenance, process piping, and even building alterations.

Our aim is to be your one-stop shop for every one of your industrial machinery needs. At Industrial Machine Service Memphis, we do not just troubleshoot and then feel our work has been finished. Instead, we believe it is only the beginning of our relationship with our customers. We are here for you every step of the way because we know that industrial machines need skilled care and attention and that does not stop once the first round of air diaphragm pump troubleshooting has concluded. We are here for you.

Get Acquainted With Our Team

Our technicians, combined, have over sixty years of experience with assembly line problems and solutions, and they know diaphragm pump failure modes and diaphragm pump failure causes. They understand diaphragm pump pressure output, which includes diaphragm pump flow rate calculations and perfecting diaphragm pump flow control. This includes diaphragm pump maximum discharge pressure and diaphragm pump suction lift, too. We can also help with your manufacturing problems and solutions for you while fixing problems in your production line.

Our customers depend on us to be knowledgeable and trustworthy. Many of them have been with us since our start in 1994, and we work hard to earn and maintain their trust. And we are always proud to service them. We hire highly skilled and experienced technicians and we drug test every single one of our employees. And Industrial Machine Service Memphis is even a member of the Tennessee Drug Free Task Force. We hold our employees to the highest of standards. Our one-stop shop stays on budget and always helps you to avoid hidden and unknown fees. You will not get any unexpected costs with IMS Memphis. We know production problems and solutions.

Call us! We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you might have about industrial machine servicing, IMS Memphis, Aluminum Welding CompanyProduction Line Troubleshooting; Omega Flow Meters; Process Piping; Electrical Control Panel Builds; Weld Pipe Installation; Building Alteration; Stainless Steel Welding and Fabrication; Allen Bradley PLC Troubleshooting; Industrial Steam Piping; Pneumatic Control Panel DesignRack System Installation, Modification, and Relocation; OSHA Machine Safety Guarding; Hydraulic Pump Repair; Pallet Rack Post Protectors; Bore and Key Shaft Services; Pneumatic Compressor Repair; OSHA Bollard Requirements; Industrial Plant Maintenance; Cardboard Baler Repair; Industrial Process Piping; Sheet Metal Fabrication; Specialty Welding; CNC Services; Rack System Installations; Inventory Control and Bin Stocking Services; and so much more.

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