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Pneumatic Cylinder Repair

IMS offers pneumatic cylinder repair services, a service that is absolutely vital in the industries or business that utilizes the use of the pneumatic system, since the air cylinder is a vital part of the of the system there is no room for a flawed pneumatic cylinder this may hamper or hurt your business badly. Luckily IMS specializes in such repair and can offer solutions to get your industry operational again.

IMS service provides pneumatic cylinder repair, manufacture, and supply services. IMS also provides complimentary services, including machining, fabricating, welding repair, and press repair.

We will strive to improve our operation. We communicate and help fix problems so you don’t need constantly deal with the same issues over again. IMS goal is to understand and meet the client’s needs and expectation through quality and affordable service.


What is a Pneumatic cylinder?

A pneumatic cylinder or air cylinder is a mechanical device which harnesses the power of compressed air to create a linear reciprocating motion. The pneumatic cylinder is similar to the hydraulic cylinders which use hydraulic fluid to drive the piston to its desired direction.

Many engineers prefer the use of pneumatics than hydraulics for the reason that it is quiet, cleaner and do not eat up a huge amount of space for hydraulic fluid storage. The operating factor in pneumatics is gas; leakage from its cylinder will not contaminate the facility’s surroundings thus making it more suitable if the plant requires cleanliness.

The cylinder materials may be chosen depending on the level of load, temperature, and its stroke lengths. The material of choice may range from aluminum to nickel plated brass and steel or stainless steel.

Type of Pneumatic Cylinders

  • Single-acting cylinders (SAC)
  •  Double acting cylinders (DAC)
  • Multi-stage cylinder
  • Telescopic cylinder
  • Through Air cylinder
  • Cushion end air cylinder
  • Rotary air cylinder
  • Tandem air cylinder
  • Impact air cylinder
  • Rodless cylinder

Why the Need for Pneumatic Compressor Repair

Pneumatic compressor repair – compressors are intended to improve the capability and precision of pneumatic systems, its performance decline if it fails. When this happen your entire pneumatic system will breakdown.We offer pneumatic compressor repair solutions to help solve issues related to your pneumatic compressor.

Pneumatic valve repair – when a valve breaks down, the proper performance of the system fails, this reduces the system’s performance and leads to profit loss. We offer pneumatic valve repair solutions to get your system back up and running again.

How does an air cylinder work?

Air cylinders once actuated compressed air enters into the tube at the other end of the piston and therefore, it passes on a force to the piston. As a result, a piston displacement occurs.

The pneumatic cylinder is an important part of a pneumatic system. This system is often used in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. These devices are prone to breakage especially when deterioration will take its toll. This may cause serious delays and impairment of our facilities production capability leading to profit loss. An air cylinder repair is a top priority when this problem occurs.

Our pneumatic cylinder repair shops can work on any pneumatic cylinder brands that include top brands in the market today such as Parker, Hydroline, Vickers, Sheffer. Our technicians can also work on both imperial and metric cylinders.

Air or Pneumatic cylinders deteriorate over time thus, affecting its performance and the entire pneumatic system. Common symptoms of a faulty air cylinder are:

  •   Low pressure
  • Leaking piston seal
  • Scored cylinder bore
  • Misaligned load
  • Huge difference in static and dynamic friction
  • Loose tie rod
  • Too much pressure
  • Extruded seals
  • Seal deterioration
  • Cylinder body leakage
  • Rod gland seal leaks
  • Contaminated circuits

These problems can cause major problems into our faculties particularly in the industries that rely heavily on pneumatics systems. We at IMS we understand the consequences of these problems that is why our air cylinder repair shop will try to provide a solution at the quickest possible time to help your business go up and running again.

Let IMS Help You!

We can definitely handle pneumatic cylinder repairs and installations. We can cater to all industries that involve the use of pneumatic systems ranging to industrial plants to production facilities. We can also do part replacement to eliminate those worn out parts that hinder the performance of your system. All works such as repairs are tested to ensure they meet the facilities specifications before we leave the job.

Our qualified technicians plus our sixty years of experience working on pneumatic systems and the production line of machinery produces a great result in the industry. They have thorough training and extensive experience in industrial pneumatic cylinder repairs and part replacement. We can also handle the installation of a pneumatic system into your facility.

Our customers are satisfied due to our reliability and diligence. We work to earn and maintain their trust. Many of our satisfied customers have been with us since we originally started as IMS in 1994 and many of them are our repeat market this is a proof to the quality and the dependability of the services we provide. We value our service to them.

IMS hires highly skilled and experienced technicians we maintain high-quality standards for our employees and we perform drug test among our workers since we do not tolerate any form of substance abuse. Industrial Machine Services is a proud member of the Tennessee Drug-Free Task Force.

Why Choose Us

Our Air cylinder repair shop provides quality outputs due to our extensive experience and knowledge in servicing pneumatic cylinders. We can also provide plant maintenance and preventive maintenance routines. We can guarantee you if you choose us there will be no overcharging, no hidden and unknown fees. We ensure there is no unexpected cost so you’ll stay on the budget.

IMS pneumatic cylinder shop

  • Complete cylinder reseal
  • Checks to repair suggestions
  • Cleaning and removal of contaminants
  • Leak and pressure testing
  • Cylinder hone
  • Re-tubing
  • Telescopic cylinder repair
  • Eye reboring
  • Refurbishing of worn out rods
  • Part replacements

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