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Industrial Specialty Welding Services

Our specialty welding services are efficient, safe and of high quality. Welding is an important journeyman trade. Without it, many buildings, fences, vehicles and gates would not exist. We serve various industries, ranging from the automotive and manufacturing sectors to the aviation and construction industries. Welding comes in handy in various machinery jobs such as those that entail repair, construction and installation.


The History of Welding

Welding has evolved over the years to become what it is today. Technological advances and lots of work have shaped welding to what it is. According to early welding discoveries, it dates back to many years (thousands). Forge welding entails early forms of this trade and entails two metal surfaces being heated and hammered together. No electricity is used in forge welding. Industrial revolution advanced this labor-intensive form of welding to better welding techniques in use today.

The Importance of Welding

Welding allows us to join metal for use in various applications and industries. Once joined, welded metals can only be separated by cutting. The construction, automotive and aviation industries rely on welding to get many jobs done. Sea oil rigs utilize different types of welding to withstand the harsh weather conditions in the oceans.

Here are the benefits or reasons why you should opt for welding services:


Better Efficiency

Welded joints are more efficient than riveted joints.



Welding requires less material and less labor than other forms of metal joinery work. Therefore, it’s more economical.


Rigid Joints

Welding provides complete rigid joints for durability.


Quiet and Environment Friendly

A welding process is typically quieter when compared to a riveting process. As such, welding is noise-free hence environment friendly.


Better Aesthetics

Welded joints are aesthetically attractive. In fact, they look better than heavy butted or riveted joints.


Involves Less Work

Unlike riveting, a typical welding job requires less work. This can help save time and costs.


Faster Fabrication

Fabrication is faster when welding joints than when working on riveted joints.


Reduced Structural Weight

Welding doesn’t make use of gusseted plates, filler plates, connecting angles, etc. as is the case with riveting. As a result, welded parts and joints generally have lower structural weight.


Easy Metal Addition and Alternation

Welding supports easy metal addition and alternation to an existing metal structure.


Easy creation of Joint Space

Welding allows easy creation of joint space.


No Area Reduction

Welding doesn’t require a hole to work, meaning no area reduction is necessary. This translates to the effectiveness of structural members in load-taking.

Our Customers

We have a large base of customers that access our turnaround welding services in Memphis, Tn. Maintenance managers, plant managers, industrial plant managers, maintenance planners, maintenance supervisors, maintenance technicians, purchasing agents and bearing supply houses make up the majority of our audience.

What Makes Our Specialized Welding Services Unique

Our specialty welding solutions stand out in the market for a number of reasons. We offer:

Our specialty welders are highly experienced and qualified to offer the best welding services in the market. They went to the best technical schools, are certified and undergo continuous training to keep up with new trends in the welding industry. Moreover, most of our welders can pass x-ray testing.

We also use modern state-of-the-art welding machines to deliver high quality welding services.

Different Industrial Specialty Welding Services

There are different types of specialty welding. Although forge welding is based on heating metals then hammering to forge them, other specialty welding types are founded on modern technology. The most specialized jobs are accomplished through underwater welding.

Arc welding is one of the most popular specialty forms of welding. This is attributed to the fact that it’s a cost-effective welding type. Double time welding companies also offer stick, MIG and TIG specialty welding. MIG welding is the most common and the easiest to learn of all welding types.

We use MIG welding in stainless steel, mild steel and aluminum welding jobs. It’s perfect for thin custom aluminum fabrication. When there’s need for a superior standard finish, we use TIG welding for high quality work. Since no grinding or sanding is needed, TIG welding doesn’t create a mess.

Stainless steel stick welding or arc welding is ideal for heavy metal welding (at least 4mm thick) in construction and manufacturing industries, as well as repair jobs.

Welding poses various health risks hence the need for protective gear. Our welders use protective gear and welding equipment such as gloves, welding helmets, breathing apparatus in some instances and leather jackets.

Why Our Specialty Welding Company is Trusted

We have more than 60 years of combined experience working on production line machinery and offering specialty welding solutions. Many of our existing customers have been working with us since 1994 when IMS originally started. We believe this is a testament to the quality and dependability of the service we offer.

Why Choose Us

It’s our quality services, rich industry experience, an experienced team of welders and use of state-of-the-art modern fabrication equipment, tools, machinery and parts that differentiates us from our competition.

We can partner and work together long-term to ensure that your welding needs are promptly met using high quality welding solutions like no other. In case of a system or machine failure and there’s need for welding services to repair the broken parts, we are at your call. We assure you of quality services to meet your needs and great outcomes to keep you and your customers happy. After all, your happiness is our happiness and so is your success.

As such, your needs and happiness comes first. Therefore, we do what’s within our powers to provide you with custom welding solutions in Memphis, Tennessee, and its surroundings. The services are tailored to meet your unique needs because we understand that each of our customers is unique, and so are their requirements.

We discuss your welding needs and advice on the most suitable welding technique for your specific job. What’s more, our welding rates are budget-friendly.

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