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Pneumatic Valve Repair

Our pneumatic valve repair shop can work on any types of pneumatic valves this includes the industries top of the line brands such as Parker, Fabco, Humphries, Asco and Versa. However, in the case of Versa these valves are completely rebuildable. This makes a Versa pneumatic valve repair more expensive on the front end, but they are versatile and easier to mend. Expenses are often justified in the long run.


Our Customers

At IMS, we value the quality of our work and the client’s trust. We also have extensive experience in pneumatic valve servicing.  Our shop is a jack of all trades when it comes to industrial services. We can guarantee you if you choose our service there will be no overcharging, no hidden and unknown fees. With IMS there is no unexpected cost so you’ll stay on budget.

Services that Require Pneumatic System Repair

Our repair solutions for pneumatic systems come in handy when any of the following occurs:

  • The pneumatic valve fails and not working
  • The pneumatic systems experiences electrical or mechanical problems
  • The pneumatic system has leaking valves.

Industries We Serve

We serve a vast range of industries in need of pneumatic valve repair as a solution to existing system problems and the need for new plants to install one. Some of the industries we serve are as follows:

  1. The Food Industry
  2. The Pharmaceuticals Industry
  3. The Automotive Industry
  4. The Logistics Industry
  5. The General Manufacturing Industry

Why the Need for Pneumatic Valve Repair?

Pneumatic valve problems can hurt your business

Our pneumatic valves lifespan depends on its operating pressure; it is likely to get damaged in the long run due to wear and tear. Common problems operators encounter are excessive air choke this could be caused by plugged air silencer, air leaks or squeezed tube, plugged filter or a damaged cylinder seal.

Another impairing problem is a low pressure which is caused by damaged filter, leaks, dirt to the valves, faulty pilot circuits or cylinder pipe/piston/seal are damaged.

These types of damage can stop our facilities dead in its tracks, we at IMS understands the importance of getting these problems fixed quickly and get your business up and running again.

Pneumatic System Repair Services We Offer:

Pneumatic cylinder repair – if this cylinder fails the entire system breaks down this leads to poor pneumatic performance.

We offer pneumatic cylinder repair solutions to get your system back up and running. This ensures that your company incurs no losses or customers as a result of the failed pneumatic system.

Pneumatic valve repair – when a valve malfunctions, the proper functioning of the system fails, this reduces the systems performance and profit loss.

We offer pneumatic valve repair solutions to get your system back up and running for improved performance.

Pneumatic compressor repair – this powered by electricity or gas it converts mechanical force into the power of compressed air. There are three positive displacement types the piston, screw and dynamic. Compressors supply pressure within the pneumatic system. It ensures the system receives pressurized air.  A fitted filtration system is used to remove any particle within the system that may harm the compressors. The temperature and operating pressure influence the material of choice in order to compensate for wear and tear.

Since pneumatic compressors are aimed at improving the capability and precision of pneumatic systems, its performance decline if it fails.

When this happen your entire pneumatic system will breakdown.  We offer pneumatic compressor repair solutions to help solve issues related to your pneumatic compressor.

Pneumatic Valve Repair

The type of valve used is of little importance in a pneumatic control for the most part. What is important is the function that can be started with the valves, its mode of actuation and line connection size, the last named characteristics also determining the flow size of the valve.

Valves used in pneumatics mainly have a control function that is when they act on some process, operation or quantity to be stopped. A control function requires control energy, it being desirable to achieve the greatest possible effect with the least effort. The form of control energy will be dictated by the valve’s mode of actuation and may be manual, mechanical, electrical hydraulic or pneumatic.

Many sectors in our industries use pneumatic system particularly those who are in mining, construction, pharmaceutical, food, automotive, logistics, manufacturing and other industries. The pneumatic system is just as the same with a hydraulic system the only difference is pneumatic system uses compressed air instead of hydraulic fluid. 

The Pneumatic valves are primary components of any pneumatic system. A faulty pneumatic valve can implicate a lot of problems this can cause your actuator not to function properly or it could waste air and your precious money. Having a problem like this can be hampering to the productivity of our industry. Here at IMS we could offer solutions to problems like that. We can provide repair and perform preventive maintenance services.

Why Choose Us

We can definitely handle pneumatic valve repairs and installations. We can cater to all industries that involve the use of pneumatic systems ranging to industrial plants to production facilities. This includes the mining and construction sectors. We can also reconfigure your facilities this includes fitting air compressors or its pipes. Plus we can also install its control panels at your existing facility.

All works such as repairs are tested to ensure they meet the facilities specifications before we leave the job. Our qualified technicians plus our sixty years of experience working on air tools and the production line of machinery. They have thorough training and experience in pneumatic valve repairs and part replacement. We can also handle the installation of a pneumatic system into your facility.

Our customers are satisfied due to our reliability and thoroughness. We work hard to earn and maintain their trust. Many of our satisfied customers have been with us since we originally started as IMS in 1994 and many of them is our repeat market. And we value our service to them. IMS hire highly skilled and experienced technicians we maintain high-quality standards for our employees and we perform drug test among our workers since we do not tolerate any form of substance abuse.

Industrial Machine Services is a proud member of the Tennessee Drug-Free Task Force.

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