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Plant Maintenance Support

We always make sure to handle those ever important machinery maintenance issues to keep your equipment running smoothly and to maximize your production. Equipment settings and plant startup is only part of running a successful plant.


Our Customers

Customers might need this service if:

  • The facility is understaffed in maintenance, causing their production lines to go down.
  • They need manpower to keep the facility running properly.

We make sure and see to it that we put our customer’s needs first above everything else. We do our very best to satisfy and meet the expectations of our very unique customers with diverse needs.  With over 60 years working with industrial machines, we have the experience working in plants across the area. 

Why We Stand Out

Our plant maintenance support service is unique from the competition because:

  • We’re a general contractor.
  • We have extensive experience in all fields of manufacturing.

In handling your plant or if your production line shuts down, we can get things done. Rest assured, the job is done right and on time.

Plant Maintenance Support Expertise

New clients continue to see the value of relying on us for their maintenance and support needs. We’ve finalized many plant maintenance support services and projects for organizations across multiple industries.  We provide maintenance staff to support the facilities in-house maintenance requirements  This is often needed when maintenance is understaffed at the facility.

We also supply technical services to support your capital projects and ongoing operations and maintenance activities. Our team of experienced maintenance, operations, and engineering professionals provides both on-site and off-site services to provide for your industrial plant maintenance support needs.

Services include:

  • Researching spare parts requirements and quantities and commercial off-the-shelf availability of replacement parts
  • Developing acceptance and commissioning procedures and documentation for new process and manufacturing line startups
  • Identifying lubrication points and lubricants for new equipment
  • Adherence to tight timetables
  • Quick and responsive service
  • Complete fabrication capabilities
  • On-site engineering expertise
  • Highly qualified personnel
  • Specialized rigging capabilities
  • Preparing system valve lineup and flushing procedures

Plant Maintenance Support

Today’s global economy faces more demand for more commodities. In order to fulfill these increasing demands, a plant must produce its merchandises, whether:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Energy
  • Consumer goods

We perform plant maintenance in the most efficient manner possible. The very important key to preventing costly shutdowns is to have an effective plant maintenance program. As such, plant owners cannot afford costly shutdowns that disrupt production of valuable goods. In this context, we will get to know what these maintenance supports are.

Considering every new capital plant coming online or new expansion beginning production, the hard reality of day to day maintenance becomes critical immediately. Most operations are staffed leanly to keep labor costs at a minimum; this requires a repair service to replace parts. Most operations keep a couple of good welders on staff to form the nucleus of an operations maintenance crew; however, this doesn’t allow for many major repairs to be performed.

Due to plant maintenance crews’ short staffed nature, we offer an in-depth Plant Maintenance Service geared to compliment operations on a large or small scale. Our engineering department strives to help customers realize all their maintenance needs.

With specific field details and after extensive discussion with the customer, we are able to define material designs for customer’s review and approval.

Our Approach

We will work with you to develop a custom solution that meets your unique needs with plenty of flexibility to change over time to help you mitigate risks. Our process entails:

  • Sub-system process segregation
  • Training plans
  • Detail design engineering
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Commissioning

Without the correct maintenance and support, your systems can become defective — leading to unscheduled downtime, product waste and a decrease in profitability. That is why we have a process that generates a quick response quote for the desired maintenance product. We feel that this approach will support your operations and will enhance a complete assimilated service.

For many years we have enjoyed working with many of our operational customers to advise and get in place just in high wear replacement delegations to support safe efficient operations. 

We work with you to fully understand your maintenance requirements and develop a rounded proactive plan for supporting your systems. The goal we have in mind is: to ensure a cost effective sustainable and operable process or facility for operations to manage. Our varied industry experience allows sharing of maintenance process best practices with all our clients.

Necessary components of a successful plant shutdown project:

  • Detailed project management
  • Quality workmanship
  • Accurate scheduling and planning

We always see to it that our focus on customer service is to be at our best considering the years of experience that guide our ability to perform the work under tight timelines and in a cost effective manner.

We have the resources and plant maintenance expertise to ensure there are no interruptions to operations and each industrial plant shutdown maintenance project is completed to your exact requirements.

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