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Bollards and Platform Installation

A bollard is a steel pipe in the ground to prevent cars, equipment, and/or people out of sensitive areas.  (You’ve probably seen bollards in front of retail stores, intended to keep cars from driving into the store.) Bollards are often located close to platforms to protect the platform (and the workers on the platform) from equipment that might otherwise accidentally run into the platform.

Bollards are also designed to direct traffic and offer protection from vehicle intrusions. Also used as visual barriers, bollards are manufactured and installed to withstand major impacts of vehicles. The aesthetic nature of most bollards sees their use in landscape designs or buildings.


The Origin of Bollards

Bollards had many applications throughout history such as mooring posts, boundary or road markings and hitching ties. Today, they’re still used to protect pedestrians, landscapes and buildings despite their diminished use in fastening application areas.

Benefits of Bollards

Bollards come with a range of benefits as follows:

Physical Protection – designed with strong sturdy constructions, bollards are used to resist high-impact collisions of vehicles. Structural grade steel is used to make steel pipe bollards for security. They’re reinforced and embedded with concrete.

Bollards designed for security reasons are mostly used in sensitive areas such as pedestrian areas, entrances to buildings and exposed utilities. These are areas where security and safety are of high importance. Used with utility covers, the decorated bollards don’t just appeal to the eyes, but are also visible from a far.

Visual Barriers – bollards also act as visual barriers for drivers. With this regard, they guide traffic and avoid access to restricted areas. Their proper use can help control traffic, while ensuring efficient flow of pedestrian and visible sight lines.

Bike Parking – bollards are also used in bike parking to facilitate storage of bicycles, and separate pedestrian from vehicle traffic. Although bike parking bollards are made specifically for this use, standard bollards can be altered to do the same by embedding them with handles for locking bikes. These kinds of bollards are ideal for integrated communities and densely-populated urban residential areas.

Ornamental Decorations – Landscapes or buildings enjoy better aesthetic appeal due to the attractive nature of bollards and their covers. Bollards come in various stylish designs and bright colors to complement the texture, weight, shape and color of landscapes, neighborhood communities or buildings that provide the backdrop for appealing sights.

As a result, decorative bollards find use in design and planning to reinforce and enhance cohesion with surrounding neighborhoods and buildings.

Retractable, Removable & Collapsible Bollards – there are mounting systems that render bollards retractable, removable and collapsible. The versatile nature of these bollards make them ideal for environments with ever-changing needs for access, daily parking requirements or even varying use every season.

Light Bollards – there are bollards that come with built-in lighting fixtures for use in areas with low-light conditions or dark areas to improve pedestrian visibility. Automation of light bollards is done using internal systems for managing energy and solar panels. These energy sources and uses aren’t just efficient, but also don’t require any extra conduits or wiring.

High Quality Bollards – bollards aren’t just functional and decorative, but should also be of high quality. High quality bollards are designed for long-term use with little to no need for maintenance. High quality materials are used to make strong top-quality bollards for minimal corrosion and/or wear that occurs over time. As a result, your bollards look their best even after many years of usage.

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The Versatile Nature of Bollards

When vehicles ramp into or collide with utilities or buildings, the result can be damaging and costly to fix. This is where bollards come in to prevent any possible damages or injuries that might result from such collisions.  They can act as low-cost protective barriers for critical utilities such as fire hydrants, electrical transformers, gas mains, ac units, fuel tanks and water mains.

Available in heavy-duty or standard weights, bollards come in bright colors, especially the Bright OSHA yellow paint. Other applications areas of bollards include the following:

  • Structural protection in building passages or entrances and dock doorways
  • Critical piping and fire suppression protection
  • Effective low-cost barrier protection
  • Platform protection in industrial areas to safeguard equipment and workers


A Platform is what a mechanic or operator (people) stands on when they’re working on or operating equipment.

Industrial platforms and catwalks are designed to provide user-friendly, efficient and safe environments for employees to work from. Air-locking sliders, adjustability of heights, various options for configuration and extensive cantilevered decks are some desirable features of work platforms.

Made of various metal frames such as aluminum, platforms are designed for mobility, compliance with OSHA/ANSI regulations, fall protection and to offer workers access to upper levels in their industrial work environments.

Our Bollard and Platform Installation

We offer platform and bollard installation services to various customers in different industries. Irrespective of your area of application, we install high quality bollards and platforms for long-term use to ensure your environment is protected and safe from damaging collisions.

We customization our services in-house to meet your unique needs or specifications based on the most recent OSHA bollard requirements.

Our Customers

We serve a range of customers in need of bollard or platform installation services. They come from different industries as follows:

  • The Beverage industry
  • The Food industry
  • The Pharmaceutical industry
  • The Manufacturing industry
  • The Commercial/retail industries

What Makes Our Bollard and Platform Services Unique

Our bollard and platform services are unique from the competition because we offer full service, including installation, modification or repair and relocation of industrial platforms and catwalks. We also sell accessories in-house such as bollard covers, so we’re truly a one-stop-shop for all your industrial bollard and/or platform needs. Moreover, we’ve got extensive experience in parking bollard installation, among other application areas.

All of our catwalks and platform are built to current OSHA specifications to meet your convenience and safety needs. What’s more, we don’t just build to any specification, but also do our own concrete work and operate safely by making calls before we dig, in addition to applying powder coats or paint on your bollards or platform before we begin installation.

Why the Need for Our Bollards and Platform Installation Services

Consider our bollard and platform installation services if:

  • You just installed some new equipment and need bollards installed around it.
  • Somebody just broke in (smash and grab) and they now want bollards to help protect their equipment/store/assets.

Note that although bollards have varied uses as described above, we only focus on those used in industrial or manufacturing areas.

Why Our Bollards and Platform Installation Services are Trusted

We know the OSHA rules and regulations, ensuring that our services don’t just meet, but surpass them for the best outcomes. What’s more, we’ve installed a lot of bollards and platforms in different industries.

All our bollard and platform installation services are tested to ensure they meet factory specifications and industry standards before we leave a job. We have more than 60 years of combined experience working on bollards and platforms. This has earned us a good reputation as a trustworthy company.

Moreover, many of our customers have been working with us since IMS was originally started in 1994. We believe this is a testament to the quality and dependability of the service that we provide. This has seen our customers return for the same services, giving us repeat business.

Our ability to customize the bollards and platforms to our customers’ unique specifications and needs also renders us a trusted brand.

Why Choose Us

This service is unique from the competition because we offer unmatched timely platform and bollard installations, repairs, modifications and relocation services accompanied with exceptional customer service and after-repair-services.  It’s our quality services, industry experience worth decades, an experienced team of bollard and platform system experts and a pool of state-of-the-art modern equipment, machinery and parts that set us apart from our competition.

We can partner and work together long-term to ensure that your bollards work effectively and in case of damages, get the wrecked components replaced as soon as possible, or get your new plant’s entire bollard or platform system up and working. We assure you of quality services to meet your needs and great outcomes to keep you happy. After all, your happiness is our happiness and so is your success.

As such, your needs and happiness comes first. Therefore, we do what’s within our powers to provide bollard solutions tailored to meet your unique needs. We are here for you.

We are one of the best bollard installation companies that offer full service, including repair, installation, relocation and modification of your bollards and platform systems. We do bollard installation cost estimations in-house, so we we’re truly a one-stop-shop for all your racking needs.

We are your local bollard installation contractors.

Call IMS today to discuss your industrial bollard and platform installation needs.

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