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Flow Meter Installation

Instruments utilized to measure mass, linear, volume or non-linear fluid rates are known as flow meters. Intangible factors such as availability of spare parts, personnel plant familiarity, historical failure mean times, maintenance/calibration experience, etc. at specific plant sites are integral when it comes to choosing flow meters. It’s only after considering these factors that a flow meter’s installation cost should be calculated.

Therefore, this usually results in one of the most common mistakes in flow measurements: going for flow meters based on their costs instead of performance levels. In real sense, cheap flow meters can turn out to be the most expensive to install.


Types of Flow Meters

The industry if packed with various flow meters with applications in different areas. Here are some common types of Flow Meters:

Variable Area/ Rota Meter Flow Meters – these meters comprise of floats and tapered tubes. Used in application areas with the need to measure fluid and gas flows. They come in simple designs, relatively large range-ability, low costs, linear outputs and low drop in pressure.

Mass Gas Flow Meters – designed in the form of thermal meters, these flow meters slightly depend on pressure, density and viscosity of fluids to operate.  To function and determine true mass flow rates, these meters work based on either principles of thermodynamic heat conduction and elements that sense heat or temperature sensors and transducers of differential pressure.

They come with critical displays and analogous outputs to support logging of data. Mass gas flow meters mainly find use in leakage testing and measurements of low flow of ml fluids in every minute.

Piston and Spring Flow Meters – designed in the form of pistons, these flow meters feature tapered cones and piston to form annular orifice. Available in simple designs, piston and spring flow meters easily transmit electrical signals. Therefore, they’re more economical in control and indication of flow rates, making them good alternatives to rota meters.

Turbine Flow Meters – designed for high accuracy, these flow meters are ideal for measuring the flow rates of viscous and clean fluids. Made up of internal pipes, these flow meters feature mounted rotors with several blades.

Ultrasonic Flow Meters – these flow meters find use in dirty areas with dirty fluids such as wastewater and slurries that can easily damage ordinary sensors.

Paddlewheel Flow Meters – featuring rotors and 10 pipe diameters, these flow meters are among the most cost-effective.

Vortex Meters – designed for low-sensitivity and wear. Although they require sizing, they come with low maintenance costs hence their increasing popularity.

Positive Displacement Flow Meters – these meters find use in areas with high turbulence hence paddlewheel and turbine flow meters can’t be deployed. They are also useful in areas with viscous fluids or when straight pipes aren’t accessible.

Magnetic Flow Meters – they’re useful in areas with wastewater or any other conductive dirty fluids. Designed in insertion and in-line styles, these flow meters don’t feature movable components. Data logging or remote wastewater flow monitoring is possible through analog outputs or displays.

Pitot Tubes – these flow meters are cheap and to install, require low maintenance, experience lower long-term loss of pressure and resistant to wear. However, they require sizing.

Anemometers – hot air flow meters support air flow management. They lack movable components use ducts and pipes to measure air. On the other hand, vane flow meters are larger, more economical and more rugged. There’re versions for measuring humidity and temperature.

Note that we only install and service flow meters with applications in contaminated or dirty areas.

Our Customers

We serve a range of customers in different industries with different needs for flow meters. We can install almost all types of flow meters, ranging from turbine flow meter installations to general flow meter installations. However, the majority of our customers run wastewater treatment plants and/or hydraulic systems. Our major flow meter installation services mainly comprise the following:

  • Wastewater plants have to measure how much waste water they’re processing.  We handle the calibration and certification of the equipment that measures this.
  • We can install and repair all flow meter equipment.
  • We can also install and repair flow meter equipment that monitors air or hydraulics for manufacturing, to monitor production rates.


We service and install a range of flow meter brands as follows:

  • Omega flow meters
  • Foxboro flow meters
  • Signet flow meters

What Makes Our Flow Meter Installation Services Unique

Our wastewater flow meter installation services are unique from the competition because we offer full service, including repair, modification and replacement of industrial flow meters. We also sell parts in-house such as sensors, making IMS a one-stop-solution for all your industrial flow meter needs. Moreover, we’ve got extensive experience in sanitary sewer flow meter installation.

With many years of experience, we understand flows & pressures. We have a great background installing and servicing flow meter equipment. We’re experienced with flow meters that handle contaminated water. We know which types of meters to use for which applications.

Why the Need for Our Flow Meter Installation Services

You’re in need of our services if you run a business in the sewerage industry, or any other application areas dealing with dirty fluids, and need installation or servicing of flow meters. We also handle flow meter certifications because this is a process that’s required to be undertaken annually. Your flow meters require annual certifications and that’s where we come in to help.

Why Our Flow Meter Installation Services are Trusted

We know the OSHA rules and regulations, ensuring that our services don’t just meet, but surpass them for the best outcomes. What’s more, we’ve installed a lot of flow meters in different industries where our customers make use of sewerage flow meters.

We install, repair, and troubleshoot this equipment.  This gives us a deep understanding of the equipment’s configurations and capabilities. All our industrial flow meter installations, repairs, modifications or replacement services are tested to ensure they meet factory specifications and industry standards before we leave a job.

We have more than 60 years of combined experience working on production line machinery. This has earned us a good reputation as a trustworthy company. We’re also cost-effective and it’s our desire to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Moreover, many of our customers have been working with us since IMS was originally started in 1994. We believe this is a testament to the quality and dependability of the service that we provide. This has seen our customers return for the same services, giving us repeat business.

The experience, customer loyalty and our ability to install flow meters that meet the facility’s unique fluid measurement requirements make IMS a trustworthy brand.

Why Choose Us

This service is unique from the competition because we offer unmatched timely flow meter installations, repairs, modifications and replacement services accompanied with exceptional customer service and after-services.  It’s our quality services, industry experience worth decades, an experienced team of flow meter experts and a pool of state-of-the-art modern equipment, machinery and parts that set us apart from our competition.

We can partner and work together long-term to ensure that your flow meters work effectively, are certified and in case of damages, get the wrecked components replaced as soon as possible, or get your new plant’s hydraulic flow meter installations done well as per your specifications. We assure you of quality services to meet your needs and great outcomes to keep you happy. After all, your happiness is our happiness and so is your success.

As such, your needs and happiness comes first. Therefore, we do what’s within our powers to provide flow meter solutions tailored to meet your unique needs. We are here for you.

We offer full service, including troubleshooting, repair, installation, replacement and modification of your flow meters. We do flow meter installations in-house, so we’re truly a one-stop-shop for all your fluid measurement needs.

We are your local sewage flow meter installer. We offer flow meter installation, repair and troubleshooting or replacement in nearby areas.

Call IMS today to discuss your needs for flow meter installation.

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