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Hydraulic Jack Repair

A jack is a device that utilizes force for lifting heavy loads. The main mechanism with which force is applied basically varies upon the particular type of jack but is usually a hydraulic cylinder or a screw thread. Jacks can be classified based on the kind of force they use: hydraulic or mechanical. The mechanical jacks like house jacks and car jacks lift big equipment and have a rating based on their lifting capacity. Hydraulic jacks on the other hand is much stronger and can carry much heavier loads higher. Samples of hydraulic jacks are floor jacks and bottle jacks.



Hydraulic jacks basically depend on the force that is generated by pressure. Fundamentally, when two cylinders are connected and force gets applied to one cylinder, there would be equal pressure generated in those two cylinders. However, due to the fact that one cylinder is larger, the force that it will produce will be higher even though the pressure in both cylinders remain the same. Basically, hydraulic jacks depend on the principle of lifting heavy loads; using pump plungers to move oil through the two cylinders. The plunger gets drawn back first which leads to the opening of the suction valve ball inside and draws oil to the pump chamber. When the plunger gets pushed forward, oil then moves through the external discharge check valve right into the cylinder chamber. The suction valve closes which leads to pressure building inside the cylinder.

Hydraulic Valve Types

There are two common types of hydraulic jacks, which are the floor jacks and the bottle jacks.

Floor Jacks

The shaft of floor jacks is horizontal. The shaft basically pushes on the crank that connects a lifting pad which leads to it being lifted horizontally. They usually provide a wider range of vertical lift compared to bottle jacks. Floor jacks come in two sizes. The first is usually 4 feet long, 1 foot wide and is 200 pounds in weight. These ones can lift from 4 to 10 tons. The next one is the more compact version which is 3 feet long and can lift 11/2 tons.  There are also so-called “mini-jacks” but they are not recognized as standard floor jack. The first two mentioned sizes should be utilized instead.

Bottle Jacks

The bottle jack started to be used during the early 1900s during the time when the automobile industry was starting to take off. Bottle jacks are also named hand jacks. They provide people an easy way to lift up a car for roadside service or inspection. Bottle jacks resemble milk bottles that’s why they were named as such. In present time, these jacks range in weight and size that offer lifting capability that ranges from 100 to several tons. The bottle jack showcases a vertical shaft that supports a bearing pad which directly beards the object’s weight as it gets lifted.

Although mostly used in the automobile industry, bottle jacks are useful in different industry needs. In the medical filed, bottle jacks are useful for patient lifts and hydraulic stretchers. In industrial applications, bottle jacks are used as pipe benders utilized in plumbing, material lifts for warehouses, cable slicers for electrical applications. The ability of bottle jacks to lift heavy loads serves as a valuable assistance for agricultural machinery as well as in different construction operations. The bottle jack can be secured via a frame or be mounted on a beam.


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What Makes Our Hydraulic Jack Repair Services Unique

Our hydraulic jack repair service provides a quick turn-around. We promise you a highly efficient service with effectively high-quality output. Your time will not be wasted by choosing us for your hydraulic jack repair service. We value the importance of your time and your necessity to use your hydraulic jack the fastest time possible.

Why the Need for Hydraulic Jack Repair

Need a jack repaired.  It could be leaking or simply won’t work.  They might also need to modify an existing jack.  Sometime, if a jack is broken badly, they might also need a replacement jack (we can help with that as well.)

Why Our Hydraulic Jack Repair Service is Trusted

With a combined experience of 60 years on our belt, we’ve offered the highest quality of hydraulic jack repairs through the years. Our satisfied clients have been with us for decades which proves that our service comes with legitimate quality and dependability. IMS originally started back in 1994 and has been providing a wide variety of services including building alterations. We take pride in our personnel who follow higher standards for better customer satisfaction. Our IMS employees are guaranteed to be well-trained, experienced, and dependable. Each and every person on our staff is drug-tested and we are among the Tennessee Drug Free Task Force. We realize the importance of offering the best service by having our best foot forward through our ever-reliable personnel. We take pride in our work so you can expect service with the highest standards.

We follow the strictest of rules in terms of safety regulations. Thus, during the whole hydraulic jack repair process, we ensure that everything turns out well from start to finish. We take pride in providing service with safety and quality as our main priorities.

You can trust us to provide the best service possible and you having nothing to worry about. Your success is our success so we try out best to showcase the best service through our professional work ethic.

Why Choose Us

Our expertise and decades of experience in the industry differentiates us from the competition. Along with our state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, we ensure the highest quality of service. We take pride in keeping our customers satisfied and choosing us over and over again for their hydraulic jack repair needs. We value each and every client’s happiness and success.

Your satisfaction is our top priority that is why we do everything we can to provide the best hydraulic jack repairs.

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