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Pneumatic Control Panel

Working with Pneumatic control panel manufacturers, IMS provides complete pneumatic solutions and applications in every sector of the market. We render a world-class range of Pneumatic Control Panel that is commended for its outstanding durability and quality. Our entire products are processed under the supervision of experienced professionals and rendering greatest client satisfaction. Furthermore, we deliver the entire products in customization and reasonable pricing.


Pneumatic Control Panel Manufacturer

IMS is the premier manufacturer of and pneumatic control panels. We specialize in providing industrial and pneumatic control panels to a wide range of manufacturer. Our customers come to us for our attention to detail and consistent quality.

We offer complete training on installed systems, including basic troubleshooting, which is highly appreciated by our valuable customers. These services are offered at standard market prices.

IMS has performed projects in a broad range of industries. Our experience makes us to better understand the requirements of your unique application and environment. 

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Customized to customer requirements and tailored for use with natural ventilators
  • Modular design with various control options
  • Standard components reduce costs of parts
  • Easy connection and commissioning
  • Rugged construction

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When selecting a pneumatic control panel manufacturer partner to build your controls for your project, quality is serious.  IMS is strict in quality control procedures and assure a quality result every time. We stand behind our work.  We provide warranty on workmanship and stand behind the manufacturer warranty on all components.

Quality procedures are strictly compulsory.  Every control panel we manufacture is 100% tested to assure that it operates as designed when delivered.


Every panel we build has assigned a professional project manager who will guide it through the production process and assure that it has our full attention, no matter how small or large the project.

Our service is unique because:

  • We have years of experience in the field.
  • Many of our customers have been working with us since we first started this business. We believe that’s proven evidence to our commitment to customer satisfaction.


Price is an important factor when selecting your pneumatic control panel manufacturer.  When you combine it with quality, service, and experience, the result is value.  With our purchasing control and experience, we understand how to maximize value for our customers.

Pneumatic Control Panel Designs

At IMS, our pneumatic controls engineer knows that a good result starts with a good design. We will listen to our customers and dive deep into their application for a complete understanding. Whether they exactly what they want, or maybe they need some supervision. Tell us your suggested automation and controls and we will make them happen.

  • Pneumatic Schematics

All panels start with a detailed schematic for a clear understanding of the hardware and connections within. As part of our service offering, we can generate electrical or pneumatic schematics for any machine.

  • Sequence of Operation Documentation

Understanding machine operations and functions are a vital part of the design process. We help to develop and visualize your machine’s process with a clear and brief sequence of operation. Documentation is a part of our comprehensive service offering.

  • HMI Layout

HMIs deliver powerful graphics and advanced functionality. We want your machine’s operators and maintenance personnel to interact with the HMI spontaneously with access to everything they need.

  • Panel Layout

A cramped panel is a nightmare. An empty panel is a waste. We’ve designed and serviced thousands of control panels. We know what and where equipment needs to be in your custom panel for easy service and maintenance over the life of the machine.

  • Bill of Material

Tell us what you want and we’ll provide a detailed bill of material right down to the terminals.

  • Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) Calculations 

Our panel design team’s highest priority lies in protecting equipment and personnel from hazardous electrical conditions. SCCR calculations are completed for every panel to ensure the highest level of protection for you and your equipment.

  • Component Selection

Today’s industrial product selection is broad. We know what works through years of experience in the industry. Allow us to evaluate your application and select only the necessary components you need.

  • Servo & Motor Sizing

Inertia ratios, gearboxes, regeneration energy and cycle times are just some of the factors we consider when sizing a servomotor or asynchronous motor for your application. We crunch the numbers to find the right motor for your application.

  • Actuator Force & Speed Calculations

Whether it’s a pneumatic actuator or a linear motor, we’ll examine your application and come back with the right actuator to meet performance requirements.

Pneumatic control panels are used in industry to control systems in clean and safe conditions; they are usually wall mounted in close proximity to the host machinery. The unit sizes may vary to suit the particular application. For security reasons, some panels are lockable to prevent unauthorized access.

The layout of each panel is carefully considered to allow easy setting and maintenance of the control system. Air lines and electricity cables are incorporated using special fittings and connectors. The panels are IP rated and the systems are tested to meet safety standards. 

IMS is a one stop solution for pneumatics panels, pneumatic control system. We represent world’s leading brands of pneumatic panels to manufacturers. We make sure all wiring is sized to all amp capacities. Fuse sizes and type are checked per client’s requirement. We supply highest quality products on time at a reasonable cost. We customize pneumatic control panel to meet your exact needs of the customer.

Pneumatic Control Panel

A pneumatic control panel has been used for many years, for food and beverage industries where hygienic environment must be maintained to a very high standard. Pneumatic control panels have many advantages, including the simplicity of its design, low maintenance requirements and excellent reliability due to its part to the use of compressed air as the power source, which is effectively inert and readily available.

In addition, these systems are basically safe and can also be used in hazardous atmospheres, such as those in the steam plants and chemical plant industries. Because of the control panel’s adjustable functionality, the operator can quickly and easily interface with application equipment. And since the controls are entirely pneumatic, the panel can be located in any convenient location, including the spray booth.

Pneumatic control panels available for both disk and bell type applicators, allowing for greater adaptability and convenience. The other appropriate use of pneumatic control panels can make a substantial contribution to the safe operation of processes. These pneumatic control panels allow a simple practical control of all the cylinders and pneumatic actuators which yield a certain pneumatic installation powered by compresses air or other fluids.

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