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Pallet Rack Bumper Installation

Safety measures should always be taken into account for everything that we do most especially for the jobs that we set one foot on the grave. These types of jobs are common in the industrial field. One of the precautions that we have would be the pallet rack bumper installation of warehouse racks. Racking schemes don’t just protect the products but also it ensures the safety of the employees from the high – likely injuries that can be brought by unsteady shelves. So when you talk about warehouse safety, it’s where warehouse rack shelving systems come in handy.


Warehousing and industrial companies take advantage of safety check standards to determine likely issues before they occur. So these industrial racking schemes should undergo a regular maintenance. These pallet rack systems also secure that the warehouses comply with safety regulations to minimize any risk of injuries. It is essential that the installation of your racking systems should be done professionally and you should be selecting the appropriate racks for what your warehouse needs.

The best racking systems come in strong, sturdy and durable designs.

It is advised that you go for efficient packing where larger, heavier items or products are placed on the shelves or racks first and lighter loads stacked on top of them. Considering the manner in which the products will be placed or stored on racks and how they will be picked, warehouse layout plays a very important role.

Pallet rack bumpers should be installed properly, leaving sufficient space between the shelves for forklifts since they demand space between racks for free movement, especially when there is a need to remove heavier loads at the bottom of stacks. Proper and adequate lighting also ensures forklifts are easily driven between isles to ensure employees can see properly and they will be able to find their way around.

What are the different kinds of warehouse rack bumpers and its uses?

  • Flat Surface Bumper Guards – Help reduce damage from light impact to walls and equipment with flat foam rubber bumper guards placed where the impact is likely. For heavier impact, you can opt for a steel supported bumper guard where car doors might hit a wall or other similar impacts.
  • Pipe bumper guards – Helps prevent cuts and bruises from bumping into the pipe, helps take the impact out of running into the pipe with carts and
  • Corner bumper guards – Help prevent bumps, bruises, and cuts by providing a soft cushion where workers might bump their heads and shoulders.
  • Edge protectors – A cushion of foam rubber helps soften the blow and takes the bite out of sharp edges. It prevents cuts and bruises from sharp edges with edge protecting bumper guards that slide over the sharp edge and hold themselves in place.


For the safeguard of everyone, there are a lot to consider when you talk about pallet rack safety system. These include:

  • Pallet rack safety guards – which protects your pallet racks from accidental damage
  • Pallet rack safety barrier – the most common method for barrier used is netting to prevent items from falling off pallet rack.
    • Pallet rack safety cage
    • Pallet rack safety fencing
  • Pallet rack safety system

The Racking System Services

As forklifts can cause an extreme damage to an entire warehouse by running into a single rack scheme, bumper installation services are the definite solutions we can offer. Safety bumpers for racks protect rack systems from getting hit by forklifts. As a result, they protect the entire warehouse from getting wrecked.

Apart from running warehouses in different industries, it is understandable that each of our customers has unique needs for warehouse racking solutions.

To Our Valued Customers

  • Any manufacturing or warehouse facility that has racks to keep things off the ground.  (In warehousing, everything is on racks – elevated – to keep the product off the ground.  The structure used to keep the warehoused product off the ground is called Racking or a Rack System.)
  • The Rack Safety bumpers are used to protect pallet rack systems from forklifts or other equipment that might accidentally run into it.
  • These Pallet Rack Safety Bumpers can prevent injury, loss of life, damage to equipment, and damage to the product.  (If a forklift runs into a pallet rack, it can cause a domino effect, damaging entire warehouses of products AND posing a substantial risk to anybody that’s in the warehouse.

This also includes any persons in need of warehousing and storage. They come from various industries like:

  • Commercial/retail industries
  • Logistics industry
  • Warehousing industry
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Food and Beverage industry

The products are built – to – order, in-house, by us (Industrial Machine Service.)

It is unique since we do custom fit pallet racking safety guards to the customer’s requirements. We can keep guards small in size and easy to remove for maintenance and repair purposes. We also strive to keep our guards visually appealing.

Facilities often need guards after *OSHA has visited their facility. They might face fines if they don’t get guards installed.  Obviously, facilities also install safety guards to protect their people and their assets.

You’re In Need Of Our Racking System Solutions If:

  • You’re replacing your old, worn out racking system and need to install a new industrial shelving solution.
  • You need to modify your existing racking system to meet your increasing storage needs or the need to meet new regulations in the industry.
  • You’re building a new warehouse and need to install a new racking
  • Your forklifts ran into your racking systems and there’s need for fast repair.
  • You’re moving your warehouse and there’s need to relocate your racking system.

Trust Us

We care about the aesthetics of our safety guards.  We also pay attention to ease of removal and re-installation.  We build our safety guards with a high degree of craftsmanship.

All of the industrial rack installations, repairs, modifications or relocation services are tested to guarantee they meet factory specifications and industry standards before we leave a job. This has gotten us a good reputation as a trustworthy company.

Knowing OSHA* rules and regulations, it is a must to ensure that our services don’t just meet, but exceed them for the best results. What’s more, we’ve installed a lot of rack systems in different industries where our customers run large to small warehouses.

We believe this is a testament to the quality and reliability of the service that we provide. This has seen our customers return for the same services, giving us repeat business.

* Occupational Safety and Health Administration

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