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Line Boring Machines


Not many people are aware of line boring machines or their benefits. So, what is a line boring machine exactly? Well, in the simplest of terms, a line boring machine is a machine that is expertly used to enlarge a hole that has already been cast or drilled. Basically, the machine boasts of cutting tools integrated into its boring head, and those tools are used to make a hole bigger. Line boring machines are widely used because they achieve greater accuracy of the hole diameter.

Line Boring Machine Usage

Line Boring Machines are usually very flexible and can be used on a variety of projects. For instance, they work like a charm on transfer gearbox housings, drive shaft housing boring, hinge pins, turbine casings in the power generation industry, excavator buckets, stern tubes and rudder bores in the shipbuilding industry, A-frame supports, and gearboxes. The application of a line boring machine is not only limited to machining parallel bores. They can also be expertly operated for tapering holes and for machining the outside face of the work piece using a facing head.

How are line boring machines powered?

In most cases, line boring machines are usually powered hydraulically. However, there are line boring machines that have the capability of being powered electrically or pneumatically.

What bore sizes are the line boring machines capable of boring?

The bar feed type of line boring machine can machine bores as small as 1.5 inch and up to 24 inches. However, the bigger carriage feed type of line boring can perform exceptionally well for job sizes from 6 inches up to 80 inches in diameter.

What is the average feed rate of the line boring machines?

Most of the line boring machines feature a hand feed revolution of 2mm; they are normally infinitely variable from 0-25mm per minute.

So, what are some of the factors you should consider when purchasing a line boring machine?

The line boring machine you intend to acquire should be capable of producing workshop quality tolerances on site. In addition to that, they should not be too difficult to set up. It will also help if they are durable beyond belief. You should also opt for line boring machines that feature laser alignment. Laser alignment facilitates more accurate and quick bore alignment measurements, ensuring that the bore is aligned precisely in lesser time than manual measurement.

Why should you choose a portable line boring machine?

Portable line boring machines allow the users to bore almost any size bore, at any angle, to very close tolerances. Portable line boring facilitates onsite repair, eliminating the need to move heavy machinery to a machine shop for repairs. Portable line boring machines can prove to be extremely cost-effective. Not only does the onsite repair capability of the portable line boring machine help save expensive down time, it also helps the user/manufacturer save on transportation costs.

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