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Stainless Steel Piping

Stainless steel has been called as a miracle metal for a myriad of reasons. When you talk about stainless steel and its value compared to other alloys and different piping materials, there’s just so much to consider. When you opt for stainless steel pipe installation, you pay for a material that you can trust would last for decades. Pipes that are made out of other materials are subject to temperature damage and corrosion which leads to more costly replacement and maintenance. Stainless steel piping provides a longer life because it has strong resistance to various natural elements such as corrosion, UV light, and temperature.  Let IMS help you with your stainless steel piping needs! 


Why choose stainless steel piping?

Another great characteristic of stainless steel that makes it superior is its strength. This makes it all the more effective and a fantastic option for piping needs. Stainless steel pipes can be fabricated having pipe walls less than half of the thickness of various metal pipes yet it’s still just as strong. Stainless steel pipe installation basically provides lighter and more durable pipes that could resist corrosion and stand the test of time. Its strength can be credited to various factors including its ability to endure extreme pressure, weight, and temperatures.

Stainless steel pipe installation has great corrosion resistance. Corrosion has been the most typical cause when it comes to pipe damages. Thus, pipes that are made from iron, concrete or steel are subject to exterior wall corrosion due to UV light and wall corrosion, along with abrasion, sediment buildup, and interior wall erosion aggressive fluids. Unlike all the other materials for piping, stainless steel does not require a lining or coating. This natural resistance has been the incomparable quality and the secrete to long life of stainless steel pipes. This has been the major reason why a lot of industries are switching to stainless steel pipe installation.

Aside from its great characteristics, stainless steel piping also offers an attractive and modern look. It naturally has an aesthetic value to it that it stands out and can be a great addition to the interior design of a room or a facility. Exposed stainless steel pipe installation adds decorative value compared to plastic pipes that would detract the look of an area.

Steel pipes are very efficient. The mass flow rate for the stainless steel pipes is higher per diameter compared to other materials. This helps save on cost without having to sacrifice the flow rate.

Unlike plastic pipes, stainless steel pipes are recyclable. When these pipes are no longer required, they can be melted and turned into useable metal pieces even for other industry needs. Stainless steel pipes just do not weather over time. Even after 20 years, these pipes will look the same because of the incredible characteristics of stainless steel. These pipes will not sag compared to plastic pipes.

Stainless steel pipe installation can be used for sanitary uses – making it appropriate for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and/or chemical applications. It also offers good chemical compatibility.

What Makes Our Stainless Steel Piping Services Unique

Our highly-trained personnel are well-versed in different types of industries and their expertise in the field of piping systems make them stand out from the rest of the competition. When you choose us, we guarantee you that you won’t have to worry about anything. We make sure that we work on each and every detail and also study the whole situation of a certain facility. We provide service with high standards that’s why clients keep on choosing us over and over again through the years. We understand the importance of a clean and effective piping system and we always aim to provide you the best that you truly deserve.

Why the Need for Stainless Steel Piping

Companies who need repair, add-on, new installation, modification to existing piping are the most common clients who inquire about our services. Being a custom stainless steel pipe installer, we have been an ever-reliable service provider and stainless steel piping supplier in the local scene for decades.

Why Our Stainless Steel Piping Service is Trusted

With a combined experience of 60 years on our belt, we’ve offered the highest quality of stainless steel piping services through the years. Our satisfied clients have been with us for decades which proves that our service comes with legitimate quality and dependability. IMS originally started back in 1994 and has been providing a wide variety of services including building alterations. We take pride in our personnel who follow higher standards for better customer satisfaction. Our IMS employees are guaranteed to be well-trained, experienced, and dependable. Each and every person on our staff is drug-tested and we are among the Tennessee Drug Free Task Force. We realize the importance of offering the best service by having our best foot forward through our ever-reliable personnel. We take pride in our work so you can expect service with the highest standards.

We follow the strictest of rules in terms of safety regulations. Thus, during the whole stainless steel piping process, we ensure that everything turns out well from start to finish. We take pride in providing service with safety and quality as our main priorities. Especially when it comes to structural improvements, the need for high safety standards is a top priority.

You can trust us to provide the best service possible and you having nothing to worry about. Your success is our success so we try out best to showcase the best service through our professional work ethic.

Why Choose Us

Our expertise and decades of experience in the industry differentiates us from the competition. Along with our state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, we ensure the highest quality of service. We take pride in keeping our customers satisfied and choosing us over and over again for their stainless steel piping needs. We value each and every client’s happiness and success.

Your satisfaction is our top priority that is why we do everything we can to provide the best stainless steel piping services tailored to meet your unique needs.

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