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ROSS Double Safety Valve Repair

As industrial development has been progressing very rapidly, the demands for safety valves have increased continuously too. Manufacturers have developed its safety valves to reflect the state-of-the-art. Many companies have extended its product range to provide solutions for all sectors of the industry. Investment in research and development is therefore an important motivation for new developments and for the industry as a whole.

Valves and air preparation units are renowned across the globe and organizations within the steel industry have been approaching us for help since our inception. ROSS products have a desirable reputation and as a result have become vital fixtures across many industry sectors.

The industry specialists have the skills and experience to help you define your pneumatic control needs. Through our specialist service, you can harness the benefits of pneumatic panels and stands, all of which are manufactured ready for connection to your equipment. From panel/stand circuit design and mechanical arrangement to manufacture, testing and follow-up training, ROSS can be called upon for a complete, local service.

Why Use A Double Valve?

A double valve is designed to promote safety in the operation of many pneumatically controlled A machines and satisfy regulatory requirements for valves used on mechanical power presses employing pneumatically controlled clutch and brake mechanisms.

A ROSS double safety valve has two valve elements independently controlled by two solenoid pilot valves. The two valve elements share common inlet, outlet, and exhaust ports. When the pilot valves are simultaneously energized, the two main elements are operated simultaneously so that during normal operation the valve functions like a three-way valve with a single element.

If one of the valve elements does not open or close in sync with the other, the valve is designed to keep the pressure on the outlet port at less than 2% of the inlet pressure. This is an inherent safety characteristic of ROSS’ double valve design. Valve element redundancy provides a safety factor as the likelihood of both valve elements malfunctioning on the same cycle is considered extremely remote.

Run-to-failure is not an option

The run-to-failure idea isn’t an option with a Ross double safety valve because failure might result in property damage or even loss of life. The minimum acceptable level of Ross double safety valve repair is periodic testing, with internal inspection and maintenance as dictated by the results of testing.

Troubleshooting is the first step in a proper a Ross double safety valve repair. Unless you determine and correct the failure’s root cause, the problem will recur. Repair shops across the country are qualified to perform double valve repair and testing. Working to a nationally recognized standard, double valve services facilities disassemble, clean, inspect, and machine or replace parts if necessary, reassemble, test, seal and apply a repair nameplate for traceability.

Maintenance, Testing

Maintenance and testing procedures must follow the rules and regulations set by the respective national work-safety institutions. These procedures should only be performed by persons trained and experienced in the use of pneumatic equipment. Regulations generally require that maintenance and test procedures be performed at least once a year.

From recommendations for your OEM or plant maintenance safety valve design requirements to safety valve selection and sizing, pressure setting, and installation and maintenance, IMS has the products, technology and knows how to keep your systems safe. Our solution benefits continue well after your systems have been equipped with reliable safety valves and related components.

Each valve is protected under the IMS warranty, and our customers have access to expert troubleshooting and free technical phone support.

ROSS Troubleshooting

IMS has specialized in ROSS double safety valve for stamping press repair and rebuilding. We have a strong reputation for quality, efficiency and productivity in the supply of repair and replacement parts for general metal stamping press repair and rebuilding.
In today’s world market, presses need to be retained with tight tolerances and take advantage of the latest technology to optimize performance and minimize downtime.

IMS offers ROSS double safety valves for stamping press repair are listed below:

  • Repair metal stamping parts – Welding
  • Disassembly & inspection
  • Repair metal stamping parts – Machining
  • Metal stamping parts rebuilding – Assembly & testing


Primary concerns of manufacturing plants include maintaining a safe operation, minimizing unscheduled downtime and preventing environmental degradation. Improperly maintained double valves may cause danger to equipment and personnel and contribute to unscheduled outages because they don’t operate consistently.

Such inconsistent operation might cause the valves to fail meeting no less than three nationally-recognized requirements, set pressure tolerance, seat tightness criteria and flow rated capacity.

Properly repaired valves protect manufacturing facilities from disastrous failure, reduce unscheduled downtime and prevent pollution. To have the highest possible level of confidence in plant safety, it’s imperative that you contract only with a nationally-recognized repair facility when maintenance is needed.

When you need it

IMS maintains deep inventories on a broad array of safety valves. Chances are excellent we have the exact valve you need in stock. Plus, our technicians complete all necessary pressure settings at our setting facilities using our own boiler and state-of-the-art test equipment. We provide fast delivery of the right solution.

Our safety valve experts provide our customers with the right information and maintain a large inventory of valves and parts. Safety valves are used in a variety of applications, including air/gas, vapor, steam and liquid service.

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