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Spray Gun Repair

Problems with spray guns can severely hurt the production of a facility.  When the pump stops working, painting production halts and processes stop.  This downtime is expensive – we understand that, and will work to get spray guns fixed as quickly as possible.


Spray painting is a widely practiced in many industries today particularly in Body shops, manufacturing, automotive assembly and anybody that does spray booth painting. Spray painting is a painting method where a device sprays a coat such as paint through the air into a surface. Proper care and maintenance can extend a spray gun’s lifespan and can help in your savings in the long run.

The most common types use compressed gas, usually air to atomize and direct the paint particles. Spray guns are developed from airbrushes, and the two are usually differentiated by their size and the size of the spray pattern they create.  Air spraying uses equipment that is generally larger. It is typically used for covering large surfaces with an even coating of liquid.

Spray guns can be either automatic or hand-held and have changeable heads to allow for different spray patterns.

Common types of paint spray gun

  • High volume low pressure (HVLP) – High volume low pressure is just as the same to a conventional spray gun using a compressor for air supply, however, the spray gun requires a lower pressure. A high volume of air is used to aerosolize and push the paint at lower air pressure.
  • Low volume low pressure (LVLP) – Like HVLP, Low volume low-pressure spray guns also functions at a low pressure, but they use a lower volume of air compared to conventional and HVLP sprays.
  • Electrostatic spray painting – In this process the atomized paint particles are charged electrically, therefore repelling each other and spreading them evenly as they leave the nozzle.
  • Rotational bell painting – this method utilizes the use of a “bell” a spinning metal disc. The bell imparts an electrical charge to the paint particles.
  • Electric Fan – a handheld paint sprayer that combines paint wits air. This converts them into tiny particles as they exit the nozzle

What is a Spray Booth?

A spray booth is a pressure-controlled closed area, originally used to paint automobiles in a body shop. To ensure the best working conditions such as air flow, temperature, and humidity), these environments are equipped with ventilation, consisted of fans driven by electric motors, and heaters to speed up paint drying.

Toxic solvents and paint particles are exhausted outside, after filtering and treatment to lessen air pollution. Some artists may also utilize the use of spray booth facilities to enable them to use spray paints (including automotive finishes) efficiently and safely.

Cleaning your spray guns extends its operating period.

Proper maintenance and cleaning are VITAL if you want to get the most life out of your spray equipment, depending on the material you are spraying, there may be somewhat different cleaning intervals that will have an effect on the reliability and efficiency of the spray gun throughout its operational cycle. Always remember to check the manufacturer’s instructions manual for further help.

The long-term use of these spray guns can lead to its performance deterioration; even with its regular maintenance such as cleaning wear and tear can take its toll in the long run. Broken spray equipment might lead to various consequences such as profit loss, delayed projects or a complete halt in productivity.

We can repair your faulty paint spray guns!

Here at IMS, our paint sprayer repair shop can service all major spray gun brands including the top of the line brands like Binks, Devilbliss, Awata and much more.

Trust IMS’s repair solutions

We can totally provide spray gun repair solutions. We serve all industries that employ the use of spray guns such as Body shops, manufacturing, automotive assembly and any other businesses that involve its use. We are also a one-stop shop for spray gun repair services since we can provide both labor and the parts you need. This means we can get your spray gun fixed and get your business up and running again in shortest possible time. We can also assure a competitive price on our repair services.

All of our repairs are tested to guarantee they meet your desired outcome before we leave the work. We have highly qualified technicians plus decades of experience working on spray guns. They underwent extensive training and experience in spray gun repairs and part replacements.

Our reliability and thoroughness at work satisfy our customers. We work hard to earn and keep their trust. Most of our satisfied clients have been with us since we first started as IMS in 1994 and many of them are our repeat market. We value our service to them. IMS only hire highly skilled and experienced technicians we maintain high-quality standards for our employees and we perform drug test among our workers since we do not tolerate any form of drug abuse.

Industrial Machine Services is a proud member of the Tennessee Drug-Free Task Force.

Let IMS be the paint spray gun shop of your choice

Our paint spray gun solutions can provide quality work results our team can work on all brands of spray guns and we have wide experience servicing them at a very reasonable price. If your spray gun is broken or malfunctioned due to deterioration or worn out parts please give us a visit or a call immediately. We understand that business down times is expensive; we’ll fix your spray gun as quickly as possible.

With the ever increasing customer demands in paint spray gun repair and servicing, IMS has adapted to meet those requirements. Our pool of state of the art equipment, machinery and computers with up to date software IMS can cater any sorts of demands with professionalism and respect based on the client’s needs.

We at IMS we value the quality of our work and the client’s trust.  Our shop is a jack of all trades when it comes to industrial services. We can reassure you if you choose our service there will be no overcharging, no hidden and unknown fees. With IMS there is no unexpected cost so you’ll stay on the budget.

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